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Features of Example Set 1


Grid List:

Often the best way to present information is in the form similar to a worksheet. Each item is listed in a row of headed information. This particular version offers the possibilities of embedding pictures of graphics.

Several example lists are provided so you can visualize how these lists may be put to use on your own website.

Restaurant Menu:

Restaurant and Catering business have their own special needs and here is an example of an easily populated menu for your website. It is possible to design some very complex, multi-paged menus and separate menus for each meal or drink offerings.

You can enter meal information in an administrator’s screen for any meal for any day yet only show specific items for public view. As with most add-on components, it is configurable to serve the vast majority of restaurant and catering users.

This same template can be used to present a menu for church or organization meals.

Monthly Calendar View:

One of the most popular additions to any website is the ability to present a calendar. This great component offers many ways to present dates and events to your website visitors. There are so many features it is difficult to present them all here. Additionally, there are added plug-in programs to enhance how the calendar is presented. Plug-ins such as additional color themes, options for users to chose their own theme preferences, options to categories events, options to display the latest events, options to display by time spans such as year, or daily views and many more.

This components offers the ability to display multiple and different calendars without additional cost and only a little effort to configure the calendars for your website.


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