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Connecticut Wood Badge

120 woodbadgeThe Kudu Horn is Calling All Scouters to Wood Badge


You will have the opportunity to join with other Scouters to learn, share ideas, discuss challenges and locate resources.

Attendees form new and lasting friendships during their Wood Badge experiences, as the spirit of Scouting spreads. For six days you will learn and apply the principles of leadership using the aims and methods of Scouting. You will live and work in the outdoors with fellow Scouters under the guidance an experienced Wood Badge Staff.


As the six day practical portion of the program draws to a close you will set some personal goals to practice your new knowledge and skills. In meeting your goals, you will strengthen both yourself and Scouting. You will have 18 months to reach these goals. By practicing your new knowledge and skills you will become a more effective leader. In addition to your own personal growth, the Scouts you serve will benefit most from your developmental commitment.


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