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Boscarino, Grasso & Twachtman, LLP

120 bgtlawThe attorneys of Boscarino, Grasso & Twachtman LLP handle a variety of matters, to include small business organization, business litigation, personal and business bankruptcy, and financial workout negotiations. In addition, the firm maintains an active wills, trusts, and estates

practice, an active land use and residential real estate practice, a selective personal injury practice, a selective divorce practice, and a selective criminal law practice extending to misdemeanors and minor felonies.  Since 1988, this firm has distinguished itself as a quality general practice law firm with a track record of fine service to individuals and small


businesses at reasonable cost. Boscarino, Grasso & Twachtman LLP prides itself in maintaining the highest standard of excellence at a price often much below the cost of work of comparable quality done elsewhere. We work incisively, we bill fairly, and we keep our clients' welfare foremost in our minds. We will treat you as we would want to be treated.

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628 Hebron Avenue,
Building 2, Suite 301

Glastonbury, CT 06033