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TLC Quality Homes

120 tlc"It's difficult to describe in just a few words the kind of builder Ted LaChapelle is or the type of home he builds. That's because his company, TLC Homes, Inc., builds different homes in different ways. The company has built everything from small homes costing only $100,000

to large homes costing five times that amount. In some cases, the company acts as a shell builder; in others, as the general contractor. If you had to choose one phrase that best describes the company's overall business and building philosophy, you'd find it in the name: TLC Homes. Technically, the initials "TLC" stand for "Ted LaChapelle," but LaChapelle says, "I like to think of `TLC' as the `tender loving care' we give each home as it's being constructed. We also give the homeowner that same Tender Loving Care along the way."

66 Stage Harbor Road
Marlborough, CT 06447