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Analytical Direct, Inc.

120 analyticalYour Premier source of quality, preowned, reconditioned, instruments at a fraction of the cost of new ones

Our professional consultants will work closely with you helping you find the right solution at an affordable price. We take pride in our quality. Only

hand selected instruments get fully reconditioned, thoroughly tested and sold to end users. We are not instrument brokers or middlemen. Everything we offer is in stock. All reconditioned instruments will come with a 90-180 day parts/labor warranty, extended warranty programs are available upon request. Whether you are a local client or a foreign customer with export needs, we can help you. Installation and on site user training is available in selected areas. In-house advanced customer training can be provided in our well equipped facility from a single user to groups of 12.


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Analytical Direct
27 Parson Lane, Suite A
Durham, CT 06422